Organized moving tips

There comes a time where you need to pack everything in your home and move to a new place. Though this may seem exciting and adventurous enough, it is not that easy. Moving from your old house to a new home comes with a lot of baggage – both literally and figuratively.

In this write-up, I’ll be taking some reference from Laura Smith’s fantastic video:

If you haven’t checked the video out, please do because she has some of the best packings and moving tips in the industry.

Now, let’s get started with fabulous moving tips from www.matco.ca:

Make a moving binder

A moving binder can be manually created or, you can also download it online and get a printout. The moving binder will sort 50% of all the problem you may have. Packing and moving is a tedious task, and so, it is advisable to deal it a bit more professionally.

A moving binder will help you with it. Prepare the front page by naming all the areas of your new home. Now prepare the subsequent pages with the room dynamics and how you’d like to place your furniture, electronics, and other stuff.

Make sure to index the boxes in the binder. Use label sheets or sticky sheets to index the boxes and their contents.

Note: Do not use sticky notes or label sheets directly on wooden or glass furniture. Sometimes, it becomes a task to remove those sticks from your furniture.

Make a unique moving kit bag

A moving kit bag has turned out to be a lifesaver for me many a time. Being an adherent mover, I speak volumes for having a handy kit bag. Ideally, I’d suggest you have a medium-sized plastic/cloth bag which has a zip. That would be more than enough. The moving binder that you just made can find a place in your moving kit. Along with marker pens, sticky notes, cello tapes, a pair of small scissors, a measuring tape, and a small notebook – your unique moving kit bag is good to go.

Why is it so important to have an organized moving experience?

Well, for starters, an unorganized move will always end up with clumsy works being done. You forgetting to pack some of your stuff is an important reason why you should be keeping notes. While it may look a bit nerdy but remember, it is better than forgetting to pack your favorite set of earrings or your pet’s dishes. No matter how small the thing is, keeping tracks of it is anyway beneficial. However, if you don’t want to do these things by yourself, you should contact www.matcocalgarymovers.com for professional moving help.

Well, apart from these tips, remember to start packing as early as possible. Make sure that you change the billing address for the utility bill, food deliveries, other amenities. These little things will help you in conducting a properly organized move.


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